2015 Guide to the Top Five Gifts


‘Tis the season to brave the outlet malls, scour the parking lots, and reminisce on every conversation you have shared with your mother to see if she has dropped any hints about what she wants as a gift this year. (Don’t worry. She’s doing the same thing.)

What if we told you that this holiday season, we want to make the gift giving and getting as painless as possible? We’ll skip the guesswork and get right down to brass tacks, so that you can enjoy your time with family and friends because therein lies the meaning of this time of year.

Our gift to you is this gift giving guide that features our top five finds for everyone on your shopping list.

For mom. She’s both a friend and a role model, strong in the face of hardships, but always has a hug and a kind word. Moms like yours are extraordinary! But she isn’t one to boast about it. This holiday, give her something simple, but significant. An Alex and Ani bracelet allows her to “channel specific energies with special significance” ranging from faith and hope to healing. Every bracelet offers a meaning that will touch her heart.

Bonus gift for the humanitarian mom. If your mom frequents the volunteer work, then consider making the switch from Alex and Ani to The Shine Project. The Shine Project offers bracelets that are made by inner city youth to help raise money and send them to college.

For dad. He’s a character, your dad, and all of your friends constantly wish theirs was just like yours. Your dad doesn’t like much flash, but he does like to put on a show. He’s an entertainer. Friendly and always looking for something fun to do. His BBQ gear is looking a little old after years of use, so why not help him out? This BBQ briefcase comes with every tool under the sun to produce the perfect backyard grilled meal. He’ll be ready to fire up a holiday meal! (But maybe save it until the Summer.)

For your friends. You guys have your favorite spots around town, and it’s generally a debate between the bar downtown or the restaurant with the half-priced appetizers, go to the craft coffee place or the Starbucks where a pal works. It’s never dull, but it’s definitely routine. This year, buy them a gift that will break them out of their shells.  The Anywhere Travel Guide is meant to change the way you explore cities, and the best place to start is right here!

For work associates. They love a good mug of Joe, and can constantly be found with a Starbucks cup somewhere on their desk. While you don’t want to be an enabler, you know that they’ll be thankful for you this holiday season if you give them something they can use (that isn’t another paperweight). Morning, Noon, and Night Coffee allows them to enjoy a brew without crashing or staying awake all night due to caffeine. It tapers out based on the time of day, and let’s you decide if you want full-caf, half-caf, or skip the caf entirely with decaf.

Bonus gift for work associates. If your coworker like donuts with their coffee or cookies with their tea, then consider getting them a mug that lets them balance both. The face mug features a special cubby that stores treats just below whatever beverage they’re indulging in.

For anyone and everyone else. They don’t fall into any of the categories we listed above, but they still need a gift. They work hard and it’s been a long, stressful year. Give them a gift that lets them relax and lets you breathe easy knowing they’re happy. A gift card from FeelXtra can get them a massage anywhere, anytime, so they can start relaxing the minute the in-laws step out the door.

Gift giving shouldn’t be stressful, and that’s why we’ve put together this top five gift guide so that you can take the guesswork out of giving.

Want to give and receive a massage this year? No problem! You can either schedule one with us, or grab a gift card for yourself to use whenever you’re ready.

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