Company Wellness Through Corporate Chair Massage

Company Wellness Through Corporate Chair Massage

Absenteeism due to health reasons is one of the major dilemmas in a company. If the workforce is not complete even for just a day, the productivity is also hugely affected. And lower rate of productivity means a huge amount of money wasted. However, we would not also want to force someone come to work if they are not feeling as well, as this can compromise their lives. So, the best way to address the issue is to take good care of the health of our workers so that they can also take care well of our business. One of the best ways to do this is to make office massage as part of the company culture given as additional employees benefits.

The corporate world is now recognizing the many benefits that office massage has to offer. Undeniably, the workplace is one of sources of a high level of stress. And stress had been medically proven to causes many types of health problems. it is also a fact that claims of compensation for occupational disease have continued to rise.  While having corporate chair massage is an investment, it is a far lower expense as compared to the compensation you have to pay for claims on occupational health issues.

The best thing about using office chair massage is the fact that it provides a safe and natural way of giving the body the means to be rejuvenated through relaxation. Corporate chair massage can have this healing power which facilitates the body to be healed from muscle soreness, aches, tensions, and injuries. Most therapists will provide relevant info about the wonderful and commendable effects of the chair massage and the profound impact on the entire being of a person.

If you will take some time to research about the office chair massage, you will learn that this portable equipment can be a very significant part of the workplace. The machine has this capability of recreating with exact precision performed by the licensed therapists. They can also perfectly imitate the different techniques used in a spa or massage locations and can provide relaxation from head to toe.

The wellness of your company should always be your top priority. And to achieve, you should also prioritize the wellness of the working team. Office massage works by having on site massage therapists which will deliver quality service of relaxation. Rather than driving all the way to the massage location or spa, the service is easily accessible within the corners of your own workplace. With this, you will also be extending few minutes for your employees to take a seat of the office massage chair which is specifically designed to target body tension and stress points. After the generous 15-30 minutes, the employee is refreshingly ready to be back in action.

Choosing the perfect provider of the corporate chair massage could be a challenge but with Feelxtra we take the stress away.

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