5 Healthy Tips for the Workday


With the bulk of our days spent behind a desk on a nine to five schedule, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the office lifestyle. Donuts in the kitchen and cake for special occasions, breaks becoming more limited as more paperwork is piled onto your desk, drinking cup after cup of coffee. Habits begin to slip, and suddenly you’re feeling the urge to take a 40-minute nap around 2 p.m.

Don’t let yourself fall into that slump. With our five healthy tips for the work day, you’ll be able to power through and get back on track.

  • Eat healthy, scheduled meals starting bright and early with a protein-friendly breakfast, and continuing throughout the day with a varied amount of fruits, nuts and grains. Keep good-for-you snacks on hand to avoid taking a walk toward the vending machine or picking at the cookies left in the break room. And don’t let more than 3 or 4 hours pass between each snack or meal.

  • Take breaks away from your desk and computer screen. Take a lap around the office, or head to the break room for one or two minutes of mental detox. Allowing yourself that movement and ability to declutter your mind really does the body and brain wonders. Studies show that taking occasional breaks from a task can actually improve focus.

  • Start the week by running through your agenda or itinerary and rearranging it so you aren’t stretched too thin. If you need to, then reschedule a meeting so you have twenty minutes to get across town instead of five, or factor in the time you would like to spend at the gym, with family or doing nothing at all. Being prepared for the week will help you be more productive.

  • Take time to exercise and exercise often. The American Heart Association says that there is no “best time” to workout, so long as you devoting some time to it. And we agree. However, if you know that your slump comes in the afternoon, then consider working out at lunch, or if you need an extra kick to wake up, then try exercising in the mornings. Exercising will get your blood flowing and pump you up to take on whatever’s next.

  • And, of course, find some time to relax. With the amount of pressure faced in the workforce daily, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but scheduling time – actually blocking the time off on the calendar – can be helpful. Take regular walks, browse a bookstore, have a spa day or quiet wine night. Just make sure to write it down and stick to it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the average workday, and to fall behind on good habits. But each day offers the ability to find success and break just one bad habit or to form a new and positive one.

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  1. Debbie

    I changed the way my day went at the office about 5 years ago…..made myself get away from the computer more, took time to do office chair exercises or yoga. And made an appointment for a massage at my home in Orlando for the weekend. The difference was felt quickly. Invest in yourself……


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