Ways to Relax After a Day at the Parks


No Orlando vacation is complete without spending a day or two (or even a week) at the local, famed theme parks. With so much to do and so much to see, it’s impossible to exhaust all of your options before it’s time to pack up and head home.

But constantly walking from attraction to attraction in the heat for long hours can really do some damage on stamina and fatigue. You come home from your vacation in need of a vacation! Instead of exhausting yourself while you were supposed to be rejuvenating find a few ways to relax after a day at the parks.

Here are some of our favorite ways to take it easy:

  • Take a nap. It’s easy to lose out on sleep with the extended hours most vacation days keep, so give yourself a break and take a nap. Head to the parks in the morning, decide on a time to pause (preferably during the hottest hours of the afternoon!), and then return after you’ve slept your share.
  • Go for a swim. Every resort in Orlando is guaranteed to have a pool worth wading in, so take advantage of the amenities. Whether you decide to cool off, float around or even do a few laps, the pool offers an opportunity to either lounge or kick up the cardio to help loosen up the walking muscles.
  • Make a dinner reservation. And then keep it! Not only does this prevent you from having to wait in line for food or a table, but scheduling time to sit, chat, and relax will guarantee it happens.
  • Take advantage of public transport. Traffic to and from Orlando’s theme parks is terrible. And definitely adds to the stress and anxiety. So take advantage of public transport when you can. Many theme parks have their own services that cut out the honking and headaches of driving.
  • Lounge around. Without the stress that you’re missing out! Give yourself explicit permission to loaf around the resort and pool with the understanding that you deserve it. You won’t be able to do everything there is to do at the parks in a few days of vacation, so don’t worry yourself by attempting.
  • Get a massage. Walking, tension from the stress of waiting or traffic, missing sleep—it all adds up. A massage helps works out the kinks in both the physical and mental aspects, helps you sleep easier, and gets you ready for the next day’s adventures. Win-win-win.

Before you get home and decide you need a vacation to recover from your vacation, plan some ways to relax while you’re in Orlando at the theme parks. All of our suggested ways are tried and true and will put you in the right, relaxed state of mind.

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