The Benefits of Office Massage

The Benefits of Office Massage.

The workplace can be a source of fun, satisfaction, and yes, stress. This is more so when you 9-5 work hours become 9-8 or more, and your 5 days work become 7 days. Two things are sure; the stress from the work can negatively toll on employees’ health and office massage can eliminate the stress. Corporate chair massagehas been proven to release stress releasing hormone known as endorphins. 

Nowadays, employers understand how important it is to reduce or at most, to eliminate stress in the work place. Employees that are free from stress deliver higher productivity rates and retention rate is also higher. Because of these, it is now becoming a trend that corporate chair massage is now becoming a company culture as additional employee benefit. 

FeelXtra Mobile spa provides Corporate chair massage wherein our massage therapist will come to the workplace for an on site sessions. They come with portable office massage chair and each session lasts from 15-20 minutes for those interested employees. With this, the team can get a quick break from the daily routine and will get back to their work re-energize and remarkably reduced level of stress. 

As compared to the massage you get in the spa, office massage will be administered with the employee fully dressed in his work attire. You should not also expect that some ointment or oil will be used on you in the process. Rather than using their bare hands, the portable massage chair will do the tricks. It is designed primarily to target those area that are prone to tension and stress. This is quite a treat especially for those who are seated in their desks in almost the entirety of the day. 

Companies has the option to offer corporate chair massage as part of the employees cost. There are some who pays for the entire price of the service. Those who are in a financial constraint, usually shoulder only half of the price and the other part is paid by the employees. Some offer on-site office massage on a regular basis, while other use it as employees perks during company events. 

According to some recent statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Department of Labor, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is a repetitive strain injury is the most common occupation health dilemma. It is also considered as the most costly and can take up to billion when it comes to compensation claims. Studies also show that having office massage can reduce the chances of developing this occupation disease. Healthy employees could mean lesser compensation claims and more savings for the company.

Stress is indeed the major cause of work related disability. Over the years, stress in the work place had undeniably soared high because of very stiff competitions. Office massage has become a company culture  and part of their wellness programs to address the bewildering health effects of stress.  Office massage is also the answer to those who are withdrawing loyalty from the employer. This can also be the best tool for keeping the employee committed and dedicated to the goals of the employer. 

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