The Benefits of Office Massages

chair massageThe life of a cubicle worker has been a notorious source of stress and unhappiness. According to the a cover story from Live Happy magazine, only one percent of Americans love their jobs, and 70 percent are either unengaged or truly dislike their jobs. It’s important to recognize that unhappy or overworked employees can negatively affect productivity, not just for him or herself but for everyone in their vicinity. So as an employer of any sized company, its crucial for efficiency sake to keep your workers motivated and energized. How do Office Massages fit into the big picture? Why should anyone spend valuable money to invest in such a luxury?

Well firstly, lets talk about why Office Massages are so important for productivity. Most working Americans spend on average, a third of every day working and living in the office. As working Americans spend more time at the office, we search even harder for better ways to achieve the mythical “work-life balance”. With such an emphasis on finding happiness and zen, we see there is an increasing amount of strain due to the investment of time into work and climbing the corporate ladder. People realize that they have they have less and less time for themselves and whatever quest they had in mind to find happiness and that office life can become quite consuming. Workers essentially live at their jobs with no time to find what makes them happy. According to the book, The Joy of Work? Jobs, Happiness, and You, extensive research has demonstrated links between being happier in a job and being better at a job. Companies with higher than average employee happiness exhibit better financial performance and customer satisfaction.Thus, it is beneficial for companies to create and maintain positive work environments and leadership that will contribute to the happiness of their employees.

Massages can help achieve employee happiness and satisfaction. The effects of massages, as mentioned before in detail in an earlier blog, include reduction of anxiety, relief from muscle tension and joint pain, mental and psychological benefits, and can boost motivation and focus after just one session. Having massage rewards and allowing workers something to look forward to gave significantly increase office morale and can encourage employees to work with a short term and tangible purpose.
Employees also tend to give back more to the companies if they are treated above and beyond. Employees who feel like they are well cared for will spend less time looking for red flags to quit and more time being productive and innovative. This is closely tied to Employee Retention which is more important than you think when you consider hiring and training costs, contracts, and the general hassle of replacing workers.
Speaking of costs, regular massages can help you save money in other areas such as Health Care Costs and Worker Compensation Claims. In savings alone, office massages practically pay for themselves.
Besides, Office Massages may not be as costly as you think.

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