Why FeelXtra May Be Right for You

FeelXtra is not an ordinary massage company. In fact, a few distinguishing factors make this company very extraordinary! Here are some of the reasons why FeelXtra may be right for you and your business!

Completely Mobile. One of the most prominent characteristics of FeelXtra is its mobility. FeelXtra can be anywhere at anytime! Locations can range from conventions, offices, homes, and even spa parties. Spas and massage centers are typically far apart and are an inconvenience to reach. FeelXtra brings the spa to you. There is no waiting line, no travel time, and no precious work time wasted! Time is money, and FeelXtra does a great job being punctual to make your day more efficient.

Order from your App or Online.wellness-285587_1280 And to further simplify the spa process, there’s even an app specially created to book and connect with a certified masseuse. FeelXtra takes mobility to the next level but cutting out traditional over-the-phone booking appointments. Click of a button and you’ve rewarded yourself with the benefits of a custom massage. By being able to order a massage from the comfort of your hand, you save time and money by making this whole process easier for yourself. The iTunes App is available here! Visit here for FeelXtra’s booking page!

Time Request. FeelXtra understands that the people who need massages most may also be the busiest! In fact, many spas and massage parlors close when your business close. So to keep you on track in your busy day, instead of booking an appointment with a massage parlor via phone, you pick whatever time works for you. You shouldn’t have to order a massage the same way you book a doctor’s appointment. FeelXtra can be anywhere within a few hours or scheduled into your own pace during the day.

Licensed and Insured. relaxation-684716_1280The managers screen every massage therapist at FeelXtra as to make sure they all meet the highest standards. Other massage companies have a variety of different employees who specialize in a variety of styles with a variety of different skill levels. At FeelXtra, the therapists are all certified to specialize in Pain Relief and Relaxation. Each therapist has gone through extensive interviews and has years of training and experience.

Completely Customizable. Everything you order is however you want it. You can customize everything from time, location, type of massage, gender of therapist, duration, and even personal preferences. It can sometimes be frustrating to find a spa that caters to your personal needs but FeelXtra makes custom massages easy and affordable! Here is a link to the customization page of FeelXtra.

There are many types of massages with different benefits. If you would like more information on massages or would like to order a massage on-the-go, check out the rest of FeelXtra’s website.

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