How to Enjoy a Weekend Getaway at Home


This is a generation where work triumphs relaxation and personal to-dos are sacrificed for a few more hours at the office. It’s a generation of stress and important things put on the back burner—like relationships. All too often, relationships aren’t cultivated or appreciated. Too much is lost in the day-to-day, and communicating with your significant other gets overlooked.

But it’s important to talk and reconnect often. Taking time to spend with one another keeps your bond strong.

Setting aside time can be tedious. Plans have to be made, you can’t afford the days off work or away from the house, but you want to give your partner that attention. Instead of pushing both of you too thin, consider a weekend getaway at home. It’s easy to arrange and exactly what you need.

Start by scheduling time off. Whether that means you simply let all of your coworkers know you won’t be available for the weekend, or shutting down all lines of communication and requesting PTO—make it happen. The first step is to arrange this like a vacation so that no distractions try to pull you away.

Then find someone to watch the kids, pets or both. Even if it’s only for a night. This allows you and your partner to truly be with one another to reconnect while knowing that responsibilities are in good hands.

Shut off unnecessary distractions. Put the most important numbers in your phone’s favorites and then flip it to “do not disturb”. Omitting distractions so that the focus is on your significant other helps the two of you talk and listen. During the week, we are usually glued to technology, constantly waiting for an email, text or phone call. Avoid those easy attention diversions.

Go out for dinner. Unless cooking is something that the two of you have always done as a couple, then go out for dinner. Spend time dressing up and go out to a new restaurant, or order-in and eat off paper plates to minimize clean-up. (Which will lessen household chores, a big bonus.) For breakfast, stock up on easy-to-make breakfast items and have it be a continental breakfast.

Sleep in and enjoy a spa day. Take it easy on your staycation. Don’t set an alarm or pressure yourself into rushing through your day. With no sense of urgency, you will find yourself more relaxed. To further your relaxation, set up some spa activities for the afternoon: a relaxing bath, an in-house massage, DIY facials are all good places to start. You’ll end the evening feeling rejuvenated and connected.

Relationships need to be cultivated and you should constantly be reconnecting with your significant other. The best way to do that when time doesn’t permit is to enjoy a weekend getaway at home. Without the sense of urgency created by the usual work and life distractions, you are able to give your significant other the attention they need.

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