Make Mobile Massage A Part of Company Culture

Make Mobile Massage A Part of Company Culture

It is undeniable that massage offers wide range of health benefits—stress reduction, relief from depression and anxiety and of course healthy immune system.  What can be more fun than getting massage in the comforts and privacy of your own office. This is becoming the most popular company culture, to give a additional employee perks by giving them professional massage right in the place of work.

The health benefits of massage at the office is most likely similar to those benefits you will get when you have body massage from a spa. This onsite massage will eliminate the hassle of travelling to and from spa or clinic. If you will be driving to the massage parlor, you will be dealing with the stress that the traffic brings. After having the massage you will be driving back again and will deal with the stressful traffic situation just after you experience the massage bliss.  Plus the corporate chair massage will be beneficial to those who are not very comfortable getting undressed as is usually being done on massage parlors.

Office massage significantly reduces the stress of employees up to 85%. In the workplace where stress is unavoidable, having the mobile massage chairs can be the easiest way of dealing with it. Another employee benefit is the capability of the office massage to give immediate relief to muscles tensions and pain caused by back pain because office works. Repetitive movement in the office can also lead to stress injuries and the massage in the office is the solution.

Headache is also very common in the workplace. Some employees also has the tendency to experience high blood pressure. With regular use of mobile massage in the office, this can also be addressed and be reduced significantly. Addressing these health issues with the use of corporate massage chair can lead to a more productive office personnel. It means that the employees are more energetic, more focus and has an increased mental clarity. Of course, employees who are well taken cared-of will also give back to the company.

The working industry is a very competitive market and every company must have top employee perks that can attract nothing less than the top talents. There are numerous creative and fun perks, and having a corporate chair massage is definitely one of them.  In addition to this, not only new talents will swarm around, the old ones will surely stick as they will feel appreciated. Employee retention is proven beneficial to the company in the long run.

Making massage at the office part of your company culture can also lead to an impressive decrease in the claim of workers compensation. And this is because most of their health concerns are properly addressed. Recent studies also reveal that corporate massage also deliver positive effects on the cost of health care in the company. Employees are less frequent in their visits to doctors and have less medications. Finally, the most expensive health conditions are proven to have dramatically improved when office massage is regularly used. In effect, the cost on the part of employer is also reduced. 

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