Tips for Your Office’s Holiday Party


With the holidays in full swing, it’s easy to overlook an office holiday party in lieu of handing out bonuses, or among all the chaos employees and employers face with end-of-year deadlines and due dates. But holiday parties are a great way to boost morale within the office, and give your staff an opportunity to enjoy themselves alongside their co-workers.

This year we want to encourage you to skip the Santa look-alike, and help you throw your best holiday party yet.

Pick an easy-to-access location. You want your attendance rates to be high because that means the majority of your staff put the party as a priority, so pick a location that’s easy for your employees to get to. Many of them live nearby or commute to work (and won’t want to drive even further on the weekends), so consider hosting the party at the office or at a nearby venue. If the workforce is mostly made of commuters, then you can even have the party on a Friday immediately after work so people are already in the office.

Give it a theme. It doesn’t have to represent a denomination (in fact, it shouldn’t), but a good theme will transport your staff out of the nine to five mindset and into the swing of things. The theme should also fit in with your company, but also offer your employees as mental break. If you’re a casual office then consider a picnic or carnival. More corporate or creative? Consider a spa day with light food and relaxing music.

Use invitations to share all the details. Avoid sending out a memo to inform your company of the upcoming soiree, and opt instead for festive invitations or e-vites. Tailor them to theme, and keep the details simple but sweet. Give your staff the usual info like location and time, but also fill them in on if they can bring a date, what sort of attire they should wear, if they should bring a gift for an exchange, and some hype about any food, games, or prizes to come.

Provide food and drinks. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top catering. Food and drinks could be an all-call for everyone to bring in their favorite holiday dish, or the office can each put in a few dollars to bring in food from a local favorite. Regardless, food and drinks should be provided so that the staff is and remains satisfied throughout the party.

Consider limiting alcohol. This is a surprisingly big one. With all of the efforts put into a holiday party to make it inviting, some of the staff will go a little overboard on the alcohol which can cause some unpleasant fights or arguments. To avoid any outbursts or potentially letting someone go during a holiday party, consider a drink limit for the night, or avoid serving alcohol altogether.

Have some fun. The most important tip of the night is to have some fun. Holiday parties should be an exciting, enjoyable way to interact and mingle with your coworkers, and to encourage your employees to be themselves and relax within the company environment. Entertain the rules, but within reason so that the staff feel comfortable.

With that advice in mind, go forth and begin planning! A comfortable and inviting atmosphere with draw in even your quietest employees, and bring the workforce together to celebrate all of the company’s hard work and good attitudes.

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