Simple, Healthy Changes to Make in 2016


The new year is an ideal time to make big, life altering resolutions. We promise ourselves that we are finally going to start showing up to work five minutes early (instead of five minutes late), we are going to do a meal prep every Sunday night, and put ten percent of our paycheck straight into savings.

There is nothing wrong with making these changes; in fact, it’s strongly encouraged that you take the best care of yourself. But then life happens.

Traffic is terrible and, no matter how early you set out, you’re late. Sunday nights are the only nights you have to yourself or with your family. There is an emergency and you have to pull from your savings.

Change is good, but big change can be bad if you let it discourage you which is why we’re encouraging you to start small with a few simple, healthy changes. They can be implemented into any routine.

Set (attainable) fitness goals. If you can’t make it to the gym every weeknight, then don’t promise yourself you will. Instead, set fitness goals that work for your lifestyle like the New York Times’ 7-minute workout which offers high-intensity training with minimal time constraints. It gets you moving without hurting your schedule.

Rework your fridge and pantry. Start by cleaning out your fridge and pantry– ditch the processed foods. These serve as temptation when you’re running late or looking for a midnight snack. Instead, replace all of the sugar and fat with better-for-you options. Not sure what to start? Eating Well has an article of processed foods you can replace by making them at home.

Find more ways to move. This could mean doing ten push-ups during the commercials of your favorite show or as the next Netflix episode loads. The President’s Challenge encourages parking at the far end of the parking lot and walking, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. These are simple changes, and don’t take away from the day but add healthy movement instead.

Invest in a water bottle. And then use it. You understand how important hydration is, so take advantage of how well your body responds when it’s properly hydrated by drinking enough water. If you’re prone to forget, then try Waterlogged; it’s an app that helps you keep track of your H20 intake.

Wear sunscreen. Huffington Post details the myriad reasons why you should resolve to wear sunscreen every day. And we agree with all of them; younger looking skin, decreased development of skin cancer, and prevention of discoloration are just a few benefits, and it’s an easy task to take on with the advent of moisturizers with a built-in SPF.

Schedule time to relax. 77% of Americans suffer from physical symptoms of stress while 73% suffer from psychological symptoms. That’s a lot of people. So schedule time to relax. Put it in your calendar (and often!) so that you have to be there and be relaxed. Meditate, get a massage, watch a few episodes of your favorite show. Make time for it and then do it.

Simple, healthy changes can really impact your lifestyle for the better. Start small and then work your way to bigger goals. You’ll be surprised (pleasantly!) but the results.

We weren’t kidding when we said schedule time to relax, and we can work with that schedule and show up right at your door. Let us know when and we’ll be there. Schedule a massage today!

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