5 Fun Things to Do with Your Bestie


No one beats your best friend. They’re there for you through thick, thin, and everything in between. Having a best friend means sharing inside jokes, having a reliable source to tell your secrets and rants to, and someone who is always up for a weekend outing (or inning if the couch is free and your Netflix subscription is ready).

Although you two will never truly exhaust the combinations made of: wine, pizza, ice cream and television…. We have some fun things to do with your bestie!


  • Take a class together. Whether it’s a spin class or a pottery class, sign up and go together. This allows you to get out of your comfort zone, try something new, and, if it doesn’t go as planned, then you and your BFF can laugh about it later. If it does, then you have a new hobby! (And yet another excuse to hang out 24/7.)
  • Have a dinner party. But make it a potluck! Invite some friends and have everyone bring a dish. If you aren’t a good cook, then try something easy but new. If you are, then get ready to wow your guests. Regardless, have your best friend come over before the party starts so you two can cook and set up together. Not to mention, choose the playlist.
  • Host a spa day. Stock up on sparkling water (or mimosas), scented cameras, nail polish, and your favorite face masks. When it comes to the manicures and pedicures, you can either help yourself or help each other. Pamper yourselves while relaxing music plays in the background. Want to take it a step further? Order massages for both of you. The Knot has a great article on how to host a spa day—and how to make it relaxing!


Even though you probably see your best friend all the time, it’s nice to change up the regular routine and create some memories (even if your pottery or crafts won’t always be successful). Try one – or all! – of our fun things to do with your best friend this weekend, and see what we mean!

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