Top 6 Things to Do While on Vacation in Orlando

vacation in orlando

There is never a shortage of activities while on vacation in Orlando, Florida. In fact, there always seems to be a surplus and it’s difficult to narrow it down to just a few. The time is never enough. Which is why we’ve helped narrow down the prospects to the top six things to do while vacationing in Orlando. Some of them are obvious choices (these are what made this great city so famous!) but all of them are a guaranteed great time.

Here are the top six things to do while on vacation in Orlando:

  • Amusement parks are what made Orlando the highly sought after destination that is it, attracting visitors from across the globe. Spend a week, a day or even just an hour there and you’ll see why they are so popular, and not just for kids—adults, too. They offer a great escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and are a must see when visiting this Central Florida city. 
  • Malls are another great way to spend an afternoon, and Orlando has plenty of top-tier malls to accommodate every taste. Mall at Millenia has upscale shops and larger department stores while The Florida Mall offers more family-friendly experiences with shops exclusively for children. And those are only two of many, many more. 
  • The Outlets are both a shopping excursion and an experience with plenty to do, restaurants and more. Some of the best deals can be found at Orlando’s outlet malls whose sales are always changing. A day spent there is never wasted. 
  • Downtown Orlando is another highly sought out destination. Restaurants and clubs line the streets welcoming all patrons and passersby to come in and enjoy. The Orlando Sentinel wrote about the best restaurants in Orlando for anyone who wants to do a little research before their trip. 
  • Winter Park, Florida is a great step out of the busy city and into a quieter scene. Art walks, a beautiful park in the town center, and plenty of restaurants and boutiques to line the streets. Visitors are encouraged to check out the city of Winter Park’s website for the best suggestions on what to do. 
  • Simply relax. Orlando may be a high traffic city, but that means we do something better than most—relax. After a long workweek or hectic workday, it’s only natural that we head to a spa or grab a massage to help us wind down. So we suggest you do the same. Visit one of our many spas or book a massage in between touring the area.

Orlando is an ever-growing city with a huge range of things to see and to do. Don’t feel limited to just one or even just two activities—you can do all six if you’re so inclined. There is so much to take advantage of while you’re on vacation!

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