Why Your Workout Routine Should Include Massage


If you’re a professional athlete who takes their challenges to the gym on a regular basis, or you are someone who considers their workout “modest” and try to keep it simple—you are enjoying the benefits of exercise. But with those benefits (and there are many) comes the soreness, stiffness, and temporarily hindered performance as you rest and recover after each round on the weight floor or track.

Which is why we believe (and it’s backed by science) that your gym routine should include a massage.

There is something for everyone to gain from a massage after a workout. It isn’t just for professional athletes, but for anyone who is getting and staying in shape. The proven benefits are many, but here are some of the main reasons why you should get a massage if you go to the gym:

Massage improves performance and shortens recovery time.  In a study of subjects performing intensive cycling, those who received a massage after their first exercise performed better during their second trial. This is one of many studies that illustrate an enhanced performance following a massage. In this particular study, it references increased circulation, the removal of waste in the blood and lack of limb fatigue which are two supremely important benefits when recovering and continuing to exercise and build endurance.

Reduces pain and prevents injury. As we referenced in a previous article, massage works like any NSAID on the market, but without slowing down the time you spend healing. It reduces the pain-related pro-inflammatory cytokines without having to rely on a medication which could potentially slow the process down. The general consensus is all the benefit without the unnatural influence of anti-inflammatory meds.

Lowers stress and promotes relaxation. The most obvious advantage of a massage would be its ability to reduce stress and put you into a relaxed state. The American Massage Therapy Association references multiple studies in which all participants reported lower stress levels after enjoying a massage. This is key to all athletes who are required to focus on their given exercise, exercise class or sport. The ability to key into the present moment also helps to prevent injury by taking note of your immediate and constantly changing surroundings as well as listening to your body.

While a massage on occasion is ideal, the more often you implement it into your routine, the more you will gain from the process. It’s said that the benefits build as time goes on, so if you are getting massages once a week, then you’ll find you are much better affected than if you were sitting down to one every other month. Massage is a preventative measure and it also treats pain and soreness at the source.

Make a massage part of your gym routine, and you will see improved mobility and focus with a lower risk of injury and shorter recovery time. We want to help you achieve those advantages. With FeelXtra, your massage is scheduled on your terms—at your door, at your office, at your leisure. Schedule with us today.

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